Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Don't Let Cleaning Concerns Be the Reason For Not Bringing Home A New Pet #ShedHappens

I absolutely adore my pets, and I can't imagine life without them. But they are messy. And I admit there are days when I swear I will never have another cat or dog in the house again after these. But that lasts about 2 minutes until one of them comes for a kiss. Because really, what's a little mess in face of all that love? I mean, look at that face!!

This is our darling Maxi, of course, as we were finalising her adoption papers and taking her home from the shelter for the first time. See how happy she was? Honestly, she settled in with us immediately, like she'd always been part of our family. Hopped in our van, sniffed around and went right to the back bench to curl up. We got home, and after some sniffing around the cat, she hopped right up on the couch with our eldest son to keep him company while he played video games. It was a match made in Heaven, all around.

But boy does she shed. Now, I'm used to big clumps of cat fur floating around, but beagle hair is a whole other thing. When I swept the kitchen a couple days after she arrived I could not believe how much of her hair was on the floor. All separate little pieces I hadn't really noticed, but swept together they made an impressive pile. Time to up my cleaning game!

Did you know that 51% of Canadian pet parents find cleaning up their pets' messes to be a major source of stress? I can see it, as keeping ahead of the cleaning game can be frustrating and difficult without the right tools. Worries about the clean-up actually prevents many families from bringing pets into their homes, in spite of the fact these same families often believe having pets is beneficial for their kids.

Although I get where that 75% are coming from, it still makes me sad. It concerned Swiffer and Bark Box as well, and so they've partnered, along with a number of animal shelters across North America, to try to make pet adoption a little less daunting for families. Because #ShedHappens.

With millions of dogs across North America needing homes, and with the holiday season upon us, Swiffer and Bark Box are supplying 10,000 Welcome Home Kits to new dog parents at their partner shelters. The Welcome Home Kits include specialty treats, toys, a tips guide, Swiffer products and other pet-friendly goodies. Maxi received one to check out, and she was pretty pleased.

Beagle and Swiffer Bark Box Welcome Home Kit
Checking out her Welcome Home Kit.
I have long been a fan of the Swiffer Sweeper for keeping up with pet hair on my hard floors, and the 360 Duster does an excellent job of catching and trapping all the hair and fluff and dander that floats up onto other surfaces. Swiffer products are easy to use, lightweight and super simple to grab quickly for a fast, daily, thorough clean. Cleaning concerns do not need to be an obstacle to bringing home your child's first pet.

I had a special chance to hang out with a great bunch of adoptable pups in New York City last week, at a Pup-Up Adoption Event in Soho. Swiffer and Bark Box were there, along with a number of rescue organisations, to launch the #ShedHappens program. After a private media event with spokesperson Scott Foley, the doors opened to the public to come meet, and hopefully adopt, these wonderful dogs.
Scott Foley with kids and puppies

Scott is a wonderful ambassador for this program, and for pet adoption in general. A father of 3, his family adopted their first dog, Frankie, just last year. He was having a great time with the dogs, and was super friendly and approachable for us as well. Talking to him, it was obvious how much he loves animals, and how important Frankie is to his family.

rescue dogs available for adoption #ShedHappens
So many pups!!!
I believe there were 5 rescue organisations in attendance, but I didn't count all of the dogs. I did, however attempt to play with them all. The tiny beagle in the second picture above became my special friend. Daisy is about 5 years old and was rescued in Georgia, where she was running mostly wild on a large property with a large number of other dogs. She is super petite and her rescue group suspects she might be a chihuahua cross. All I know is she was a little bundle of pure love and so desperately wanted to find her forever home. She begged for me (or anyone else) to pick her up every time I went near the large enclosure where she was playing. 

I hope Daisy found her people that night, but I doubt it will take her long if she didn't. She has such a great personality. In all, 5 dogs were successfully adopted at the event, and a lot of awareness was raised. Of course, all the new dog parents went home with their Welcome Home Kit as well. This lucky couple went home with Joy, a gorgeous and sweet 5 month old terrier/pit/hound mix. They were the first adoption of the night, within minutes of the event opening to the public!

You can learn more about this partnership, and find a participating shelter near you, by visiting Swiffer.BarkBox.com. There are 4 participating shelters here in Ontario:

Do you have pets at home? Or are you planning on adopting a new furry family member soon? Don't let the fear of shedding stop you! To get tips for welcoming home your new pet, visit Swiffer.com, and share your own “welcome home” experiences with @Swiffer and @BarkBox using #ShedHappens.

Disclosure: I am a member of the Swiffer Fanatics influencer team and as such I receive compensation, perks and benefits. All opinions on this blog, as always, remain my own.

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