Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Winchester Dental - A New & Welcoming Option in Brooklin

My earliest memories of the dentist are rather negative, involving the removal of a number of my baby molars at age 5, in a hospital, under general anaesthetic. And this was back when they used those big, black masks for the anaesthesia. It was scary. And it was years before I would willingly go back to any dentist.

Whether because of a specific negative experience, a fear of that drill sound, or even just the smell of a dental office, so many folks are afraid of going to the dentist. I'm lucky to have found a good one who looks after our family, but his office is still very sterile and can provoke anxiety in anyone with dental worries. But then again, I haven't seen too much variety in dental office decor, until I visited this new location in Brooklin, ON - Winchester Dental.

Dr. Catherine Hong opened this new practice location in July of this year, and it is gorgeous. Walking in I felt immediately comfortable and would not have guessed I had just entered a dental office. A spa would more quickly come to mind. Just look at this sparkling chandelier and eye-catching artwork that greet you as you open the door.

The waiting area is set up like a cafe, with small tables, electrical outlets, and charging stations for your mobile devices. They offer free wi-fi so you can catch up on your emails or watch some Netflix while you wait for your appointment, and they soon will have iPads on hand for you to use if you didn't think to bring your own. Free wi-fi is something many of us have come to expect as part of a customer experience, but it's not something I've yet found at any dental or medical office. Dr. Hong is a family dentist, and can you just imagine how great this would be for entertaining a child while a sibling or parent has their turn in the chair? Love it!

The decor throughout is very fresh and modern. The space is super clean and the instruments are of course sterile, but the feel of the office is anything but. Dr. Hong has this funky, animal print consult room, so patients can have some privacy as they discuss their needs. Way more comfortable than discussing needed procedure, options, and costs in the examination chair.

But then again, when the exam chair is supple, soft leather, in my favourite shade of cheerful lime green, who knows!

My dentist plays a classical music station on the radio. At Winchester they have flat screen TVs, where you get to choose the channel. And don't worry - there's a TV mounted in the ceiling as well, so you can continue watching when they lie you back.

Of course, decor isn't the only, or even the main, thing to consider when choosing a dentist. But I really appreciated the welcoming and calming vibe of this office. There's great attention to detail, and the choices really reflect the open and friendly demeanor of the staff. This is a very modern dental practice.

You know those uncomfortable bite-wing x-rays? Not at Winchester. This is their x-ray machine. You stand and lean your chin on the machine and its arms circle your head to get a full, digital x-ray of your mouth and jaw. Easy and painless. Plus, it's low radiation.
Winchester Dental is a full-service general dentistry practice, specialising in families. I can attest to Dr Hong's great way with kids, having seen her interact with Boo during our visit. Her whole staff were really approachable and friendly. They offer cosmetic and preventative procedures. You can even get Invisalign invisible braces there. They are open evenings and weekends, including an option for Sunday appointments. Super convenient for busy families and anyone who lives in the area but works a 9-5 in the city.

Winchester Dental is located at 16 Winchester Road, Unit 5, in Brooklin, Ontario. Check them out at their website, or connect on Twitter and Facebook. And if you are in the Whitby area and looking for a dentist, I recommend you give Dr. Hong and her team a call - 905-425-4205.

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