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Function and Fashion for Fido with North Fetch Athletics #NorthFetch

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A friend of mine recently adopted a puppy. And one of her first questions on Facebook was, "Do dogs really need to wear sweaters?" She was met with a resounding "Yes!" from the pet parents in her circles. Now, if we're talking about a big Newfoundland dog, or a St. Bernard, or some other large and furry breed, then the answer is probably not. They are designed for warmth. But most dogs, and especially small breeds, simply don't have the body fat or fur density to keep themselves warm in our cold Canadian winters. They need a coat or sweater to keep them safe and comfortable when they are outdoors.
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Maxi has amassed a fairly impressive layer of insulating blubber, but as a Beagle mix she really has no fur to speak of. She really appreciates her outerwear. Which is good, because she has a lot. I love buying her sweaters, and even bought her what is essentially a snowsuit last year. She gets super excited when I offer her something to wear. She's my girlie girl :)

PetSmart is my go-to for doggie apparel (and so much more). There's a great selection of cold weather necessities plus fun tee-shirts and holiday wear too. For great quality & reasonably priced winter outerwear for your pup, try the North Fetch Athletics™ brand. You can see the line on their brand page at PetSmart. They even make a great, lightweight and water-resistant set of dog booties. Our Bichon-Poo wore booties all winter. He HATED the feel of salt under his paws.

Maxi was offered the chance to try out a North Fetch coat, and of course she agreed. She's all about the fashion. She received this North Fetch Hooded Puffer Coat to review. The faux fur trimmed hood? Too adorable! This is styled like a human's winter jacket, and it is so fashionable. Functional too. The outer shell is water resistant, and the faux down fill and soft fleece lining keep your pup nice and warm. It fastens with velcro underneath, providing full belly coverage.

#NorthFetch Hooded Puffer Coat in Black

The coat is designed with a convenient leash opening too, so your dog's neck stays protected from the cold. Since Maxi is a crazy beagle, she needs to wear a harness, and the leash opening allows us to put the coat on over the harness instead of having to adjust the harness size to go over the coat. (Beagles pull on the leash. Constantly. She would choke herself to death on a collar rather than relax and enjoy her walk.)

Leash slit in dog jacket

Although the hood is adorable, Maxi isn't a fan of actually wearing it. At least not yet. She may change her mind come January. But it adds a nice, fashionable touch across her shoulders. Doesn't she look cozy? This coat is currently on special, with prices ranging from $31.99-$43.99, depending on size. Not sure what size you need? You can bring your pup to the store with you and try it before you buy it.
North Fetch Hooded Puffer Coat
No snow yet, but it was a chilly fall day when we went exploring.
North Fetch products are available exclusively at PetSmart. Find a store near you. The jackets and vests come in a variety of colours to suit your canine fashionista. This Puffer Coat, for example, is also available in a great purple, and there's a hooded parka you can get in hot pink. The coats may be a necessity this time of year, but there's no need to focus on function only. North Fetch Athletics gives you the good looks as well.

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