Monday, December 14, 2015

#HGG2015: Stocking Stuffer Ideas from Hasbro #PlayLikeHasbro

Christmas stockings have always been big in my family. Growing up my brother and I each got 3 stockings (from parents and 2 sets of grandparents), plus usually another bag of stuff Mom couldn't fit in. I guess really the thing was (is) that Mom loved (loves) filling stockings. She fills one for Boo every year still and sends it up to us from Newfoundland with his presents. And I kinda caught the stocking stuffing bug from her as well. I *may* get a little carried away buying "just one more" little thing to pop in.

So, what I'm saying is - stockings are important :) Here are a few ideas from Hasbro for stocking fun this year.

JURASSIC WORLD BRAWLASAURS Single Figures (Age: 4+/ARP: $7.99
Twist each JURASSIC WORLD BRAWLASAUR figure’s tail to prepare him for battle, then let go and watch them battle! Each dinosaur figure features an internal magnet that activates when it comes into contact with another BRAWLASAUR dino, making for an epic brawl! In preparation for battle, kids choose one of three symbols on the dino’s belly and compare against the rival dino’s symbol after battle: the bite symbol beats the slash symbol, the bash symbol beats the bite symbol, and the slash symbol beats the bash symbol! Only one dinosaur will prevail. Kids can scan each of the BRAWLASAUR figures into the JURASSIC WORLD: THE GAME app to bring epic dino battles to the digital arena.  These also come in a 2-pack for $14.99

LITTLE TATERS BIG ADVENTURES Assortment (Age: 2+/ARP: $6.99) Scale down the size and amp up the fun with the LITTLE TATERS, BIG ADVENTURES collection. Get these spuds ready for the ball, the high seas, or to save the day with this spectacular set. Featuring one four-inch potato body and six parts and pieces.   

DOHVINCI MINI PROJECT Assortment  (Age: 6+/ARP: $7.99)  Show off your DOHVINCI style in your own personal space with these small design kits. The DOOR HANGER Kit lets you add some creative color to your bedroom door, while the PICTURE FRAME Kit allows you to display your favourite 4x6 photo with flair! Each complete kit includes a small project, two DECO POP tubes, and Styler tool. Each sold separately. (If your child already has a styler tool, you can also buy single Doh Vinci tubes for $1.50 each, to expand their colour collection.)

LITTLEST PET SHOP or MY LITTLE PONY Blind Bags  (Age: 4+/ARP: $3.99) Each blind bag contains one of 24 themed pet or ponies. Pets come with matching hideaway accessory and a Deco Bits piece that can plug into the LITTLEST PET SHOP pet or hideaway for a little added glamour! Each pony comes with a collector card.

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