Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Lessons Learned

A couple of nights ago, someone broke into my sweet little car.

Actually, that is a bit of an overstatement.

A couple of nights ago, I left my car unlocked in the driveway, and someone let himself in.

That's more accurate. It's even worse, because as I was lying in bed I remember thinking, "Gee, I don't know if I locked the car." And instead of getting up and checking, I just rolled over and went to sleep. Doofus.

So in the morning Boo and I went out to head to Christmas dinner with dear friends, and when I opened my door I found a pile of balled up receipts, parking tickets, and McDonald's wrappers on my seat. What the what?!

It took me a minute to figure out what had happened, and then I cursed myself for a fool and took stock. Apparently the light-fingered criminals weren't interested in the assorted leavings of my dashboard dining adventures. And they didn't have the decency to steal (and pay) my parking tickets.

They also apparently weren't interested in the kids' music CD, hoodie, jacket, or pink Habitat for Humanity hard hat in the back seat.

What did they take? My prescription sunglasses, presumably because they were Coach, but then again they left the Coach case, so maybe not. And they took about $1.65 in change I had in the console. I was delighted to see they left one quarter, which I need for a cart at the supermarket, so that was good. I'm assuming that was more an oversight than a deliberate act of contrition though.

I honestly don't care about the glasses (or the change!) They were 2 prescriptions ago, and I use transition lenses now. But the feeling of someone rifling through my stuff is unnerving. I feel dirty.

Boo was most concerned about his box of Gobstoppers he'd left in the car. "Did they take them???!!" No they didn't. But the box was open, and I felt paranoid, so I threw them out on him, along with the garbage the intruder(s) had tossed around.

At least my car is cleaner now.

Plus, I have a renewed commitment to my philosophy of never leaving anything of value in my car, even in my own driveway. And I'll be much more careful about locking my doors from now on. This was a total crime of opportunity and could have happened anywhere. Thankfully the harm was negligible.

Have you something like this happen to you?

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