Thursday, December 17, 2015

This Holiday Season, Give A Gift That Really Matters: Unpause with SickKids

All of these beautiful children had their lives, and the lives of their families, put on pause because of a serious illness. With the help of the wonderful doctors, nurses, and all the health professionals at the Hospital for Sick Children, they have come through their struggles and had their lives "unpaused." But to be fair, it's not just the health care teams that make the difference. All the donors who contribute funds to support the research and care programs at SickKids play a critical role in these positive outcomes.

This year, SickKids has created videos to share the stories of 6 patients whose lives have been paused by serious illnesses. But these videos can't reach their happy endings without your help. SickKids invites you to help unpause their video stories by making a donation online. Each video has a specific donation goal, tied to the individual patient’s story. For example, you may have already seen Kael's story, as it's been playing on TV for a bit now. For Kael’s video, they asked for 440 donors, which represents the number of days he spent at SickKids. When the 440 goal was reached, his full video story was unpaused. Now the world can see how he's doing today and share in the joy of his positive outcome.

No amount is too small!

It's important to note that unpausing these videos is not linked to reaching a dollar amount, but to a participation number. Any donation, large or small, counts equally toward the set goal. Visit the site at and you can see a progress bar for each name, showing how close that video is to its goal. When you make a donation (as I just did), you will be told your donor number and be given the opportunity to watch your chosen video through to the end. I'm donor 112 of 401 needed to unpause Gabriel's story. Maybe you can join me?

Once videos have been “unpaused”, they will also be released more broadly; for example – in social media, or as a TV spot like Kael's has.

See all of the stories here:

Kael, Finlay, Charlize, Liam, and Taylum

It's wonderful that these wee ones are doing so well now. They are success stories, but there are so many other kids who still desperately need the help of the Hospital for Sick Children. You can help SickKids unpause life for more of these special children and their families. Donate today.

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