Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Shopper I Am Not

Yesterday morning my husband had to get some dental work done, and it required general anaesthetic. So, naturally, he needed a ride. No biggie. I headed downtown with him and figured I'd get a few errands run, maybe find some free wi-fi so I could work.

I grabbed my laptop and headed to the Eaton Centre.

Have I mentioned that I am not a shopper? If there were ever any doubt, it's erased now.

The first hour or so was fine. I found one of the two(!) Rogers stores and finally got my new phone set up. Now it's actually a phone and not just a small tablet :) And then I went to the food court, got some lunch, and hooked up to the Eaton Centre's guest wi-fi to get a bit of work done. All good. But it started filling up, and I started feeling like I should either buy more food or move on. Do you get like that? My guilt over taking up space drove me to try shopping instead. People enjoy that sort of thing, right? How bad can it be?


I am so not a shopper. I tried. I tried looking at shoes, and looking at clothes. I tried checking out the clearance racks at Old Navy, I mean, I love that place. Nope. Too messy. Ain't no one got time to pick through those disaster racks. Maybe if I had tons of money it would be more fun? I dunno. Other folks seemed to be enjoying themselves. It just isn't for me. Too many people. Too much noise and light. Too much walking on hard floors.

And don't get me wrong. The Eaton Centre is great, I'm sure. I do appreciate that it's laid out so clearly, one long corridor on each level. They could use some more seating though. Yorkdale confuses me, but at least there are lots of comfy spots to stop and take a breather. The wi-fi at the Eaton Centre wins. Definite perk.

My little visit yesterday confirmed for me that I am a very specific type of shopper. I want to get in, get what I came for, and get out quickly. Browsing is best done online, with my feet up and a nice bevvie.

The worst part of the shopping was that I couldn't find the couple of things I did actually need. Undershirts for Boo and a spoon rest (I apparently lost my spoon rest during the reno. Weird.) So I went to Walmart after I got home. When in doubt, right? And I got my milk there too. In. Out. Done.


How about you? Are you a shopaholic? Do you love to browse at the mall? Or are you like me and find it a chore? It's important to understand these things about ourselves :)

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