Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Baby Pandas - The First 100 Days

Here's your daily dose of cute. Actually, I think there's enough cute here to last a full month! The Toronto Zoo's panda twins are growing up and developing so well. Here is a video the Zoo put together of their first 100 days. Watch it all the way through to see how big they've grown, and to catch some gorgeous images of momma and baby bonding.  My heart!!

The Toronto Zoo released this video today as the 100 day celebration follows an ancient Chinese tradition that when a child reaches his or her 100th day of life, he or she has survived the risky fragility of infancy and may be considered on track for a successful future.

Press Release from the Toronto Zoo:

Er Shun gave birth to these beautiful twin panda cubs on Tuesday, October 13, 2015. Born at only 187 grams and 115 grams, these tiny cubs have grown from tiny, pink, hairless cubs to strong, fuzzy pandas with distinctive black and white markings.

"The Toronto Zoo is very honoured to be participating in the Global Giant Panda Conservation Breeding Program and extremely proud of the births of Canada's first giant panda cubs," said Mr. John Tracogna, Chief Executive Officer, Toronto Zoo. “We are very grateful for the ongoing partnerships with a number of institutions around the world who have contributed to our success,” he added.

The Toronto Zoo is hoping to introduce the panda cubs to the public in mid-March. The Zoo would like to thank everyone for the outpouring of support for these cubs and for following us on this incredible journey.

"On behalf of the Board of Management, I want to commend the Zoo staff and particularly the giant panda keepers and the two giant panda specialists from China for their outstanding expertise, dedication and ongoing commitment to ensuring these precious cubs were given the best chance for survival," said Raymond Cho, Chair.

The Toronto Zoo would like to acknowledge the ongoing support from Chongqing Zoo and Chengdu Panda Base of Giant Panda Breeding for their expertise on raising baby pandas, and also for providing us with two giant panda specialists whose knowledge and experience has been invaluable during this time.

You can support the Zoo's work in giant panda conservation: DONATE HERE.

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