Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Happy Birthday to Me!

So, it's my birthday.Yep. 46 years young today, and not feeling a day over 20-something. Or something. In all honesty, I don't get super excited about my birthday anymore, though it's still an important day. It does make me kind of stop and think though. It's a little hard to believe I'm 46. It sounds so old in some ways, and yet it doesn't either. Age is just a number. And I know I'm still young. Ish.

Probably the biggest excitement on my birthday occurs over on Facebook. I mean, I know how super easy it is to wish Happy Birthday to anyone on your friends list - Facebook has a little announcement and link right there to facilitate. No one actually needs to remember. But reading through the stream of greetings still makes a girl feel pretty special. And that's a nice thing.

And some of those greetings are particularly special. People you haven't heard from in a long time, or a thoughtful post about how you've affected someone. I had some really sweet messages today. Some got me a little emotional. We don't always realise whom we've touched or how our friends see us, and it's pretty amazing to hear. We all could use a little boost, right?

So, why wait until Facebook prompts you on their birthday to let someone know what they mean to you? I'm sending a challenge out to each of you - make a point of reaching out today. Call or write or drop by to see a friend or family member. Or maybe your child's teacher, or your dog sitter, or whoever it may be. Reach out and just let them know you think they are special. Tell them why. Let them know they make a difference, to you and others. Make their day. And then tomorrow, or next week, do it again for someone else. Let's spread some smiles :)

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