Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Panda Cubs at Four Months

Time really does fly, though I'm still very anxious for the day to come when we can meet these little cuties in person. The Toronto Zoo's giant panda cubs turned 4 months old on Saturday, and the Zoo released this video of them as they test out their walking skills. Check out how confident they are becoming, even climbing over a small log!

These adorable balls of fluff remain nameless today, but the Toronto Zoo is ready to fix that. The cubs have passed the 100 day mark, and we now know we have one girl and one boy. We also have a list of possible names, and the Zoo is asking for the public's help in making the final decision. Visit the Name Our Cubs website to review the list of name options, and vote for your favourite. Votes will be accepted through February 28. The site has translations as well as pronunciation guides, and audio of the correct pronunciation of each name pair.

Which names will you choose?

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