Tuesday, February 16, 2016

WW - World's Largest Cookie Mosaic w/linky #WeBakeForChange #RobinHoodFamilyDay

Monday was Family Day in Ontario, and Boo and I attended a fun event at the Evergreen Brick Works with Robin Hood and WE Day. In support of their #WeBakeForChange initiative, they hosted a GUINNESS World Record attempt - to build the world's largest cookie mosaic.

Over 13,000 dyed short bread cookies were used to create a map of the world, highlighting the locations where #WeBakeForChange has made a difference in children's lives. In the end the mosaic measured over 1400 square feet!

cookie mosaic
Almost done

Most exciting of all - we accomplished the goal and the GUINNESS World Record was confirmed!

placing cookies on the mosaic
Photographic proof he had a hand in this record. Fun!
The Robin Hood team sponsoring the event had a huge grid printed with colour-coded dots prepared,
to make the mosaic building go smoothly.
Participants and lookers-on were able to take home cookies from the mosaic after the measurements were taken and the record confirmed. Any cookies not enjoyed at the event were donated to a local food bank.

And while the mosaic was being built, there was free hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies for all.

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