Wednesday, March 09, 2016

March Break Staycation Tips for a Week of Fun {giveaway}

Next week is our March Break here in the GTA, and although I'm planning to take some time off to get out and about with Boo, we aren't straying far from home. It's not my ideal time to travel, because travel on March Break is super popular, meaning prices go up. That combined with the crappy state of the Canadian dollar, and we are firmly on the staycation bandwagon.

It's not like there's not a gazillion things to do around here in any case! I'll be sharing my Top Five GTA Destinations for March Break tomorrow, but today I want to share with you these 7 Tips from Church & Dwight. There's ideas for things to do, as well as tips for getting ready and staying healthy while you're at it. And be sure to read to the end - there's a giveaway as well!

1. Plan an indoor excursion. Take a trip to a museum, gallery or science centre (to name a few). Whatever your interest may be – from antiques and art to science and nature – there is an exhibit for you. (Bonus - you get to stay warm if spring hasn't yet arrived where you are! And if you choose to take advantage of a city pool for family swim time - as we are doing - don't forget to pull out the Nair™ - my winter coat has got to go.)

2. Visit a local ski resort. Take a day, or two, to hit the slopes with your family; you can ski, snowboard, snow tube or hike, the options are endless.

Tip: If you have family members who are motion sensitive, Gravol Quick Dissolve Chewables (available for kids and adults) are an effective and convenient option to treat nausea, vomiting and dizziness, so you can get there more comfortably and with less worry. (But don’t take Gravol chewables and drive, as they may cause cause drowsiness.)

3. Unwind with a good book. With hectic lives and busy schedules, sometimes we don’t have time for the simple things in life, like curling up with a good book. If you have readers in your family, take advantage of some down time and let your mind be captivated by a new story. For younger kids, colouring or picture books might do the trick! (Head to your local library for some FREE entertainment.)
4. At-home makeovers. Be your own glam squad and grab those nail polishes, make-up powders, sparkle eye shadows, styling tools and last but not least - Batiste Dry Shampoo! It’s a perfect fix between washes and easy to use. Applying a quick burst revitalizes hair and removes any excess oil, adding body and texture. With the new limited-edition Batiste Ella Henderson Sweet & Seductive Dry Shampoo, you’ll feel like a celebrity, with hair that looks, feels – and smells – great! (I swear by this stuff. Love it!)

5. Crafts, puzzles and games galore. Now you have time to get into a new project with your kids that could take a few hours or few days, you decide. (Dig into your closet and find that Monopoly board you haven't pulled out since the kids found the iPad, or grab a deck of cards and teach them all Crazy 8s.)

6. Try new recipes. The March break can have us feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, inspiring us to tackle that new recipe you or your kids have been wanting to try. Whether it’s a batch of cookies or a yummy stew – take advantage of your time. It might end up being something you love! (Kids in the kitchen means lots of mess, but lots of fun - and learning new skills too!)

In addition to all the good food you’ll cook up, make sure all family members get their daily recommended nutrients by taking Vitafusion Men's or Women's Complete Multivitamin and Lil'Critters Gummy Vites for kids.

7. Get outside. Go for a walk, a skate at a local rink and maybe pop into a coffee shop to escape from the cold and warm up with a delicious drink. (Honestly, the weather's getting better - get that fresh air and natural-source vitamin D we've all been missing.)

What do you think? Are any of these already on your list of things to do on your break?

A Giveaway

To accompany these tips, my friends at Church & Dwight are offering up this super prize pack of health and beauty essentials for one of my wonderful readers to enjoy. The bundle is valued at approximately $80 and includes:
  • Vitafusion™ Women’s Complete Multivitamin 
  • Vitafusion™ Men’s Complete Multivitamin 
  • L’il Critters™ Gummy Vites™ 
  • Ella Henderson for Batiste™ Dry Shampoo 
  • OxiClean™ Versatile Stain Remover
  • Arm & Hammer™ Truly Radiant Clean & Fresh Paste
  • Arm & Hammer™ Spinbrush™ Truly Radiant™ Clean & Fresh Battery Brush
  • Arm & Hammer™ Spinbrush™ Paw Patrol Battery Brush
  • Arm & Hammer™ Spinbrush™ Disney Descendants Battery Brush
  • Nair™ Wax Ready-Strips Legs & Body 
Entries are via the widget below and will be accepted until 11:59pm ET, March 31.  Giveaway is open to Canadian residents only. Best of luck!!


Disclosure: I am a member of the Church & Dwight Ambassador Program, and as such receive special perks, products, and other compensation for my participation. All opinions on this blog, as always, remain my own.

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