Sunday, March 20, 2016

My Boy and His Games

We have a variety of gaming systems here, and perhaps the least used is the PS4. Least used because mostly Boo is the one playing, and most of his games are Nintendo. But he got a PS4 game for his birthday, so he's been on that system the last little while.

Being an inquisitive kid, he was poking around in the settings and such, and he came upon mention of the PS4 camera. A camera, you say? Sounds interesting. So he investigates a little and then asks me about getting one. Naturally. I pointed out that we have a gaming camera that I can see sitting right there on top of the TV. Apparently that's for one of the other machines. Who knew?

He wandered off, and I thought nothing more of it. But apparently he was off doing some more research. He found the camera online at Best Buy and Amazon, and came back to update me on the pricing. Seriously?

Now, this is something I struggle with. Sort of. He doesn't NEED a PS4 camera. He just WANTS one. Whether or not I have the money to buy it for him (I don't, really, at the moment) is a moot point. I don't believe in automatically buying him everything he asks for. Giving in to every whim will only result in a spoiled child. I think. So I don't. And then sometimes I feel a little guilt. But I do believe it's important for him to learn some financial responsibility, and to learn about working to earn nice things. Unless it's your birthday. Or Christmas.

So I suggested he would have to save up for at least half of the purchase. He "humphed" and went off again.

Can you guess what he was doing? He went on Ebay.

I'll give you a moment.

He's 10. Not only did he do the initial online research to find the item he wanted and do a little comparison pricing, when told no he moved on to Ebay to see if he could find one used.

I am in so much trouble with this one. He's too smart for my own good. And I am seriously impressed with his online shopping know-how.

He's still not getting the camera, but I'm impressed (and scared) nonetheless.

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