Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Perfect Topping for Just About Anything - Gay Lea Real Whipped Cream #BornOnTheFarm

I blame my grandmother for my love of frozen treats. (I have to blame someone, right?) My parents didn't generally keep a lot of sweet things around for us when we were little. Things like pop and ice cream were reserved for special occasions only. But when my grandparents came to live with us, suddenly our freezer was filled with ice cream and frozen treats on sticks - all the time! It was amazing.

Of course, who doesn't love ice cream? It's a great treat any time of year, especially when you do it up right with sauces and toppings and make a sundae. Boo loves his sundaes. Loves! And he makes them himself now, which makes me happy. He changes it up from time to time, depending on what we have on hand. But one ingredient he won't do without is Gay Lea Real Whipped Cream. He scolds me if he opens the fridge and can't find any. Lately maraschino cherries have become important as well. He's fancy like that.

This month, we Gay Lea Ambassadors are highlighting how we use their Real Whipped Cream, and I have to say Boo was pretty stoked with this choice. So stoked, he agreed to make this little video to show you all how he incorporates this yummy ingredient into his ice cream sundaes.

While I disagree with his choice to put toppings on top of the whipped cream, I respect his right to make that choice. Sundaes are all about putting things together they way you like them best. For me the whipped cream goes on top, and only sprinkles or cherries go over it. Yum.

Sundae fixings. A sundae bar is actually a great idea for a birthday party. Lay out the various toppings, fruits, syrups, chocolate chips, etc., and let the kids (or adults!) make their own icy creations t enjoy.

Of course Gay Lea Real Whipped Cream is not just for frozen treats. We enjoy it on our pumpkin pie, with cake, waffles, fresh berries, and so much more. (Irish coffee anyone?) Maybe even, from time to time, straight from the can. Maybe. 

Looking for a simple & quick dessert?
Bake some frozen tart shells, fill with fresh berries or jam, and top with a big dollop of
Gay Lea Real Whipped Cream. Yummy!
Gay Lea Real Whipped Cream contains no artificial flavours, is made with - you guessed it! - REAL cream, and is certified kosher, halal, and nut-free. It's available in a Light version, with 50% less fat, and even Coconut, made with real coconut cream and, again, no artificial flavours. Choose the one that's right for you and get spraying!

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Disclosure: I am part of the Gay Lea Ambassador Campaign, and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog, as always, remain my own.

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