Thursday, March 31, 2016

Kids Can Be Messy But Clean-up Is Child's Play with Swiffer #YesToTheMess #SwifferFanatic

My favourite thing about being on the #SwifferFanatic team is that it allows me to share awesome Swiffer goodies with friends and family.  I'm getting low on my stash now, but it's been wonderful over the last months to be able to respond to a need with the offer of product. Need a quicker way to mop your floor? Here's a WetJet. Got a new puppy? You need this Sweeper. You know those happy recipients of Swiffer big green boxes you see on the commercials? I get to make people happy like that too! (And, for the record, those are real people, not actors, in the ads.)

Most recently I was tasked with reaching out to a family with a toddler, to offer them some help in keeping up with the mess a small child can produce. Kids seem to be messy by nature, and a toddler's love of exploration, crafts, and sloppily feeding himself quickly multiplies that mess potential. So, I called up my friend Renee, from My So-Called Mommy Life. With two young kids, and a toddler who loves to dust, this busy mom was a perfect choice.

Renee enjoys baking and crafting with her kids, and she knows how important these creative activities are to their development. But with creativity comes mess, and you don't want to stunt their creative spirits and imaginations by constantly fussing about spills and chaos. Kids need to let their imaginations run free, and to practice fine motor skills with abandon. It's an important part of their learning.

According to the second annual Swiffer Cleaning Index, 70% of parents surveyed feel that letting kids make a mess helps encourage their creativity.  However, 68% have nevertheless found themselves saying "No" to their children's requests because of a fear of the mess to come. It's hard enough some days to find time to play with our kids, let alone extra time to clean up additional messes, right? Swiffer lets you say "Yes" to the mess by providing easy and kid-friendly clean-up options that will alleviate those fears.

To give a good demonstration of what I mean, I asked myself, "what is the most despised by parents and loved by kids crafty item?" It took me about a half a second to decide on glitter. Every little kid loves to cover every craft with glitter. Heck. At 10, Boo still loves the stuff. But it gets EVERYWHERE. And it's not easy to clean. So, naturally, I voluntarily poured a bunch of it on my dining room hardwood and pulled out my Swiffer Sweeper to see what it could do.

I knew I didn't have to worry. The Swiffer Sweeper with a dry cloth picked up I'd say about 95% of the glitter on the floor in just a couple of passes. Sucked it right up and held it there securely. I then popped on a wet cloth and easily grabbed the few remaining bits. So much more efficient than a broom and dust pan! And with the Swiffer tools being so light and easy to use, even small kids can join in on the clean-up after craft time. Nearly all parents (97%) think that young children learn a lot from cleaning up a mess, and I'm a big believer in that teachable moment :)

Of course, while having them involved in cleaning up their own messes is important, it doesn't need to stop there. Cleaning with Swiffer is both fun and easy, so why not bring them in to help with more household cleaning chores. Renee's son is a big fan of the Swiffer Dusters, and he is always happy to lend a hand. Plus she can feel safe letting him loose with the duster, since it involves no chemicals and traps dirt and dust particles so they won't come back off on his hands, clothes, or up his nose.

toddler dusting with Swiffer
Momma'a Little Helper - It's easy with Swiffer!

The Sweeper, with wet and dry cloths, and the Dusters are great items for cleaning up after the wee ones, and getting them in on the job too. I also recommend the Swiffer Sweep + Vac, a cordless vacuum combined with a dry cloth sweeper. The vacuum is great for light jobs like sucking up your toddler's discarded Cheerios and snips of paper or ribbon from craft time, while the dry cloth goes along behind and grabs the fine particles of dust, glitter, etc. So, go ahead and let the kids get creative and messy. Swiffer's got your back!

How do you say #YesToTheMess? Share your stories with @Swiffer on Twitter (don't forget the hashtag!) And while you're at it, we'd love to hear what you have to say about your favourite Swiffer products. You can leave your reviews at (US site).

Disclosure: I am a member of the Swiffer Fanatics influencer team, and as such I receive compensation, perks and benefits. All opinions on this blog, as always, remain my own.

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