Monday, April 11, 2016

Protect Your Spring Shoe Investments with Tana #TanaLovesShoes

Socks aren't my favourite things at any time of the year, so I don't even wear them in my boots. Except for steel-toed boots. I have to wear socks on Habitat builds because steel toes on bare toes are really uncomfortable. Some friends raise their eyebrows and ask about odour, but I generally don't find winter boots bad. Once spring comes around though, the warmer weather means sweatier feet and more smells. Then I need some help.

Pink Converse
Check out my new Chucks! I love the bright pink, and they are super comfy.
Enter Tana! You already love them for keeping the salt stains off your boots all winter, and I want to make sure you know about the great products they have for year-round footwear care.

Perhaps my favourite Tana find is their Barefoot Insoles. These has a terry cloth layer to wick away moisture, perforations for breathability and latex foam cushioning for comfort. Keeping your feet dry keeps both your feet and shoes from picking up those untoward odours. Even better? These insoles are washable! I wash mine by hand, though you can put them in the washer. Just be sure to air dry them, not in your dryer. I now have a collection to pop in to all my close-toed summer shoes, like those Converse and my Tom's flats.

Tana Barefoot Insoles

Tana also has a line of disposable shoe inserts - Fresh'ins. These are super slim and lightly fragranced, available in a pack of 6 pairs. You can wear them about 5 times and then just toss. Very absorbent and comfortable. I like these as an option for dress shoes.

And for those sporty types in your family, and teenaged boys, try out Tana's Shoe Refresher. This is designed to combat odour in any closed toe shoe, and I seriously wish I had this when our big guy was a teen. 

Tom's Open-Toe in Denim
These are new open-toed flats from Tom's. The denim won me over.
Of course, with my open-toed shoes and my sandals I can't wear insoles, and the refresher isn't suitable. (Although I might trim a pair of the Barefoot Insoles for those open-toed Tom's.) Tana has a couple of products I'll be using to keep the open shoes clean and my feet smelling (and feeling) fresh.

First, did you know Tana makes a Sandal Cleaner? True story. We all know how we can dig up dirt and layer on the footbed of our sandals. This little wonder comes with a built-in brush. You squeeze a little product on the footbed, lather and scrub with the brush, then let sit for a minute. Wipe off with a clean dry cloth and your sandals and clean and fresh again!

Tana Sandal Cleaner

For a fresh all day feeling for your tootsies, you can try Tana's FootSilk Foot Freshener. This sprays on dry and light, providing to 24 hour protection. The formulation includes actual silk and has a pretty, light, floral scent.

Tana FootSilk

Between cleaning my sandals regularly and keeping my feet protected from sweatiness with the Foot Silk, I think I have this summer shoe thing covered.

Ways To Win

Tana really does love shoes it seems. They certainly have us covered in terms of protecting our footwear investments all year through. And if you love shoes too, I'd love for you to join us on April 19th at 8pm EDT for the next #TanaLovesShoes Twitter party. Follow the link for all the details, and to RSVP. There are prizes to be had!!

As well, they are holding a social sharing contest for their fans, from April 4th to 30th. Just share a photo (or lots of photos!) of what “shoe love” looks like to you using the hashtag #TanaLovesShoes on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook for a chance to win a Tana Prize Pack!

Best of luck!

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Tana. All opinions on this blog, as always, remain my own.

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