Thursday, May 12, 2016

May Long Weekend – The Unofficial Start of Summer #ChurchandDwight

Whether you call it the May 2-4, the 24th weekend, or Victoria Day, the May long weekend is generally considered the unofficial start of summer. It's the first long weekend of warmer weather, and many cottage-goers will spend this weekend opening their summer retreat. Gardeners know this weekend as the real starting line of the growing season, when we can finally put out our tender plants with minimal fear of frost.

Of course, growing up in St. John's, I still tend to think of the 24th weekend as a time to expect one last fall of snow. I have a vivid childhood memory of watching out the window with my mother and grandmother, anxiously waiting for the men to come back from their fishing trip in a messy blizzard. I think I was 3 or 4 years old. And there were definitely later years spent in a tent shivering, but determined to enjoy the long weekend.

Living in southern Ontario now, I expect we are safe from snow (although there is possible frost in the forecast this weekend), and I hope to spend a lot of time outdoors to celebrate the coming of summer fun. Part of that will be gardening for sure, but that is always fun for me. We'll be sure to fit in some outdoor family fun as well.

Do you need some ideas to get the family out in the fresh air on the long weekend? Readers Digest has put together an amazing list of the best hiking in Canada. While many of these trails are better suited to adults, Canada is also home to some amazing family friendly hiking spots. The Gold Creek Falls trail in Vancouver, B.C. or Webster Falls trail in Hamilton, Ont., are both great examples of outdoor trails that you can tackle with your kids. Be sure to pack a lot of snacks, bottles of water and sunscreen to keep everyone happy and energized throughout the day.

Webster Falls is only about an hour away from us, and I've never seen it. Maybe that would make a good day trip.

Do you sometimes suffer from carsickness on long or winding drives? I do if I'm not driving. And don't ever ask me to look at a map! One glance down and my stomach lurches. Meanwhile Boo can read in the backseat. I am super jealous. If you or your kids do need some help on the road, throw some Gravol™ in your bag. Gravol™ Ginger Liquid Gels are easy to swallow, non-drowsy and will help prevent any motion sickness on long car rides – ensuring you are ready to explore! And if you're a little out of shape after a sedentary winter season, try Rub A535™ Extra Strength to ease those aches and pains you will likely experience after your first long hike (or first long gardening session).

The unofficial start of summer and family hikes also mean short season is upon us, which can be a bit daunting after bundling up in heavy sweaters and thick pants for six months. Who shaves in the winter?! Try using Nair™ Wax READY-STRIPS before you put on that first pair of shorts. These ready to use strips are simple and convenient, just place and peel! Most importantly they will leave your legs looking smooth and summer ready!  I love my Nair. The Nair Cream for Coarse Hair is my go-to.

However you decide to spend the long weekend, I hope you have a great time, great weather, and a lot of fun.  Enjoy!

Disclosure: I am a member of the Church & Dwight Ambassador Program, and as such receive special perks, products, and other compensation for my participation. All opinions on this blog, as always, remain my own.

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