Thursday, May 12, 2016

Mom Down

I went to the drugstore today to stock up on painkillers and Nyquil, and I glanced down and realised I actually left the house in the yoga pants and tee I had slept in. And I had toothpaste drips all over my boobs.  At least I brushed my teeth, I guess. Everything, including personal hygiene, has gone down the toilet this week.

You see, I am sick. Sick in a severe enough way to cause me to take to my bed for the day yesterday, and to call for lights out by 9pm each night. It's "only a cold" but it's laid me flat. Congestion, runny nose, sneezing, aches and pains, chest tightness. Ugh. The razor blades in my throat are gone though, so that's something.

The Vick's line-up of cough and cold remedies are my best friends this week, especially the Vapo-Rub. My chest gets so congested and breathing gets so difficult whenever I get a cold. I think it's a holdover from previous bouts of serious bronchitis. I should go get a refill on my inhaler. Meanwhile Boo tells me I smell nice. He has a thing for menthol and eucalyptus like I do, I guess.

How did this happen to me? I think this is one of those cases of getting super busy, pushing through, reaching exhaustion, finishing the list, and then just crashing and giving in to whatever germ is standing by. It's pretty crappy, but at least I do have time this week to look after myself and recover.

Send the healthy vibes my way! Next week looks like a doozy again.

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