Tuesday, May 03, 2016

You Can Still Make Mom's Day Special - 3 Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Her

Mother's Day is May 8. A day to celebrate our moms, step-moms, grandmoms, moms-in-law, the women who are like moms to us. And hopefully, if you have kids yourself, you'll get a little attention as well. Or a lot of quiet time and tender loving care. 

To be honest, my favourite way to be celebrated on Mother's Day is to be looked after. I like a day where I don't have to cook or clean or get groceries, or any of the daily schtuff that normally fills my time. And to be clear - I don't mean that this schtuff just gets left to be dealt with on Monday (by me, of course.) The chores must still be done - by someone else! And if the boys make me a card, or bring me some flowers, that's lovely and appreciated. If a bigger gift comes my way - bonus! But the time with my family and having my responsibilities looked after for me, that's what I'm looking for.

On the other hand, I am partial to buying gifts for others, even when I don't expect them myself. And on that note, here are some great gift ideas for you to consider if you are still looking for a way to surprise your mom, or wife, or step-mom, or yourself on May 8. All of these can be purchased online, and none involve delivery time. Pick up a nice card, include the gift info, and maybe dress up the entertainment option as suggested below, with just a couple of add-ons from the corner store.

(Special thanks to Impressions Public Relations for hosting their Mother's Day Gift Lounge where I found these products and services!)

The Gift of Giving

For the mom who has everything, honour her by purchasing a gift in her name from the UNICEF Survival Gifts catalogue. They have a special Mother's Day selection, focused on moms and babies. For $28 you can provide 3 Blankets for Babies, or gift a Baby Bundle for $18 giving a blanket to a newborn, plus birth registration to ensure access to health care and education. On the medical side, the Mother & Baby Tetanus Pack ($35) funds 368 Tetanus vaccines to promote maternal and infant health. Did you know maternal and newborn tetanus kills one baby every 11 minutes? These vaccines are administered to expectant moms who then pass the immunity on to their babies. And, your gift will be matched by the Kiwanis Eliminate Project, for a total of 736 vaccines.

Blankets for Babies
Mom raised you well, now you can say thanks by helping another mother across the world.


Give the gift of entertainment with a subscription to Rogers' Shomi streaming service. If mom doesn't already have this as part of a Rogers cable or wireless package, you can sign her up for $8.99/month with an initial 30 day free trial. Rogers customers can watch via their digital box. Everyone can stream online via a variety of devices. There's a great variety of content, and you can choose your next show by browsing their "Collections" to suit your mood. The Collections are like playlists to help you narrow down your search. Bundle this up with a card announcing the gift and how to access it, plus a few salty or sweet snacks or a bottle of wine for her viewing pleasure.

A Clean House

Actually, forget what I said earlier about not really wanting gifts. Someone to come clean my house, even just once, really well, would be amazing! It's like the gift of a day off, with lasting benefits. Try a service like Aspen Clean, offering 100% natural and eco-friendly products. Even their containers are eco-friendly, being made with 50% post-consumer resin. Plus, their products smell fantastic. I've been using the Kitchen Cleaner with organic bergamot & grapefruit essential oils. Smells so fresh and cleans really well too. The products are available for purchase from their website, but don't buy those for mom. Buy her a gift certificate instead so someone else can come do the work. Available in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto.

You'll receive a gift certificate like this electronically, but it will have the authorization code and be valid :)

I hope these give you some ideas. A good old-fashioned delivery of flowers or a potted plant works well too for many moms. That's what I tend to do for my mom, as she loves fresh flowers and lives so far away. If mom is nearby, be sure to visit and maybe offer to take her out to dinner or brunch, or have her over and cook for her at your place. Treat her like the special woman she is, on this day and the others as well!

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