Friday, June 17, 2016

You Have An Opinion. Why Not Get Rewarded for Sharing It?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ipsos. All opinions are 100% mine.

When the Canadian census came out last month, were you one of the people anxiously crossing their fingers for the long-form? I was. And I was super disappointed when I got the tiny short one. You see, I love filling out forms and taking surveys. I always have.

I have a lot of opinions, some more popular than others around here. (For the record, the toilet paper hangs under and electronic devices are turned off an hour before bed. Both are losing battles.) I love sharing those opinions, especially when I know they are being heard and could contribute to change. Hmm. Do you think all these opinions and the need to share them might be why I started to blog?
Through the years I’ve participated in many consumer research panels, originally with big paper surveys that came through the mail, and more recently through online research sites. It’s super easy now to complete a questionnaire online and click submit. And there are tons of companies and organisations out there that want to know what we think about their product, brand, world events, politics, and so much more. This kind of consumer research is used by companies, marketing departments, political parties, etc., as they make decisions for future offerings, policies, products, and services. This is important stuff.

So, how can you make your voice heard? Well, it’s pretty easy actually. You can share your opinion via Ipsos when you join their online survey rewards community, i-Say. Ipsos is a leading global, independent market research firm, that develops surveys to assist their clients who want to access public opinion on a variety of topics. Joining the community is an easy online registration, after which you’ll share some basic demographic information about yourself and be given access to suitable surveys to take.

In addition to the knowledge that your opinions are being taken into account in important decision-making, you receive points for each survey completed. Longer surveys garner more points, quick ones fewer. And those points can then be redeemed for great rewards, like gift cards to some of your favourite stores and eateries. You can even opt to transfer your points into a donation to a charity of your choice. Another benefit - at the end of each survey you complete, you are entered into draws for super prizes like vacations, electronics, and more.

The surveys themselves are varied, and you complete only those that are of interest to you. Of course, the more you complete, the more rewards you’ll receive! I like that each survey gives you an indication of how long it will take you to complete, so you can budget your time accordingly.

What do you think? I’d love for you join me and take surveys and earn rewards with i-Say too. I know you have opinions like I do, so why not get rewarded for sharing them? Register through the link above, and start influencing decision makers today!

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