Friday, June 17, 2016

Disney/Pixar's "Finding Dory" - She May Forget, But You Won't!

It's been 13 years since "Finding Nemo" first hit theatres. Boo wasn't even born yet. Our now adult son was only 8 years old!! I still remember bringing him to the theatre to see the movie and how much we all loved it. The characters were compelling and fleshed out, the story was great, and the animation fantastic. And after waiting 13 years, we were all super excited for a sequel!

In this new film, our focus is on Dory, the lovable Blue Tang with short-term memory loss issues. The action takes place one year after the events of "Finding Nemo," and we find Dory living happily in the reef with Marlin and Nemo, attending Mr. Ray's school, and seemingly content. Until she begins to remember bits of her past, realises she has parents out there somewhere and becomes determined to find them. Dory convinces her friends to join her in an adventure across the ocean to California's Marine Life Institute, a sealife rehabilitation centre and aquarium.

As you can imagine, there are lots of laughs, some chaos, new friends and old. And there are a few sad and slightly scary scenes as well, but nothing too intense. I found myself completely drawn in and enjoying every minute. To be honest, the film was about two-thirds over when I remembered I was supposed to be watching it for a review, but I was just so engaged. Which I guess is the best review I could give.

"Finding Dory" is a story about Dory's search to find her family, and it's also about her finding herself, and finding out what "family" really means. “It’s a story about family,” says Ellen DeGeneres, who lends her voice to Dory. “It's about finding the courage to do something she's always wanted to do—even if she couldn't remember she wanted to do it.” And we definitely get to see a lot more depth in her character than we did in "Finding Nemo."

This trailer gives a really good feel for the movie:

Needless to say, Disney/Pixar does an amazing job with the technical aspects of the film as well. It's incredible to see how the technology has changed over the last 13 years, and how realistic the animation has become. I mean, when I saw Nemo I thought the visuals were fantastic, but in 2016 they've gotten even better. It's easy to forget you are looking at digital animation of the ocean and not film footage. And on the visual side, we did see this in 3D and want to note that the 3D animation continues right through the credits. Be sure to stay until the very end, both to enjoy the visuals (and some entertaining action from the octopus, Hank) and to catch a special clip at the end.

"Finding Dory" is rated PG, due to some intense moments and themes. But unless your child is extra-sensitive, I think it really is suitable and enjoyable for all ages.

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