Sunday, July 31, 2016

Gay Lea Spreadables - Real Butter, Really Spreads #BornOnTheFarm

Last week was crazy busy.  My husband is on two weeks' vacation, and Boo had no day camp, so we were trying to fit in family summer fun, while I was still trying to get some work done. Plus, we had to get Boo prepped and packed for two weeks at sleepaway camp. (He started that today.)  By Friday, I was done. And I hadn't managed to get groceries yet. Hubs asked about dinner plans in the afternoon, and I quickly decided it had to be easy.

Pancakes and bacon it is!! No one can say no to that right?

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Breakfast for dinner is one of my favourite treats. Actually, let's be honest - bacon is one of my favourite treats, so any excuse will do. During the summer months I tend to spend a lot less time in the kitchen. Partly because we love to prep meals on the BBQ, for sure, and partly because we're too busy having fun adventures to spend a lot of time on complicated dishes. Whipping up a quick salad, or grabbing some cold cuts and bread are great options on hot days, and breakfast meals are generally quicker to pull together than a typical dinner menu, so they work great when you're exhausted after a day outdoors. For this one I did the bacon in the oven, and while it was cooking I made pancakes from a box. No shame in that! And I did a double batch so I could freeze some for a quick breakfast on another day. Easy to make, easy to clean up, and everyone enjoyed.

We always top our pancakes with butter and maple syrup. Another quick part of this meal - we used Gay Lea Spreadables Butter. Unlike your usual stick of butter, this one has the addition of unsaturated canola oil, which keeps it spreadable even right out of the fridge. No waiting for your butter to warm up before you can enjoy it! You can spread it onto your toast or bread without tearing through, and it melts super quick into your corn on the cob. I like that it gives you the great taste of real butter without tearing through your bread or muffin because you forgot to take the butter dish out of the fridge.

Of course, breakfast for breakfast is always good too. Adding fresh, local berries makes breakfast extra special this time of year. (Have I mentioned lately how much I love summer?)

Gay Lea's Spreadables comes in Regular and Light varieties, as well as Cinnamon & Brown Sugar. Boo has a love for cinnamon toast, so that last one is his fave. It's also great on French toast, pancakes, or even oven-roasted carrots. Yum!

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