Friday, July 15, 2016

Refresh the Playroom and Your Child's Imagination with Duracell #PowerImagination #HasbroHouse {giveaway}

If your kid's room is anything like Boo's, you just know they have toys in there they haven't seen in months. Or maybe I just need to be more on top of making him clean up? Either way, I think it's true that kids move from favourite toy to favourite toy, and they can easily forget about the one they loved so much last season.

Until they see it again. If a toy has been in the closet for two or three months (or more), when it comes out again it's like a whole new adventure. Old memories come flooding back (three months is a long time for a little kid) and new play patterns emerge. It may be an old toy, but it feels like a brand new, exciting toy to play with.

And that's why, when Boo was younger, I would deliberately pack up a box of toys every couple of months, and swap them out in rotation. It kept things fresh, without spending tons on new toys, and kept his interest and imagination going. One tip - when you are storing battery-operated toys, remove the batteries first, and then replace with fresh ones when the toy comes back out.

A lot of Boo's toys are battery-operated. The interactive nature of toys that respond to you (and sometimes even each other) creates great opportunities for imaginative play. Whether he's chatting and singing with his Furby, or playing some kind of spy game with his friends and their NERF arsenals in the back yard, I love watching the creativity at work!

Dee Doo (our Furby) has lots to tell his new friend, BB-8. Dee Doo has been lying around forgotten for a while now, so I pulled him out last week for a new turn. Right now I think he's showing off the blanket Boo asked me to knit for him. 
With the power of Duracell Quantum, they have lots of energy for a long talk!

Boo's got a bit of a Rambo thing going on here. That is quite the NERF Blaster! It's called the Mastodon. We checked it out at Hasbro's holiday preview event last month, and it has now made it onto the Christmas list. Another toy powered by Duracell!

Imaginative play is so important in kids' development. It allows them to explore ideas, test limits, gain confidence, and build social skills. Duracell knows this, and they have created batteries with long-lasting, reliable power to help you and your kids #PowerImagination.

Duracell Quantum batteries are the only battery on the market with High Density CoreTM technology, providing truly long lasting power, and they are guaranteed to maintain their power for 10 years in storage. You can feel safe stocking up. From a parent's perspective, these are amazing. Long-lasting power means fewer battery changes and more play time, and the excellent power retention means you can feel confident grabbing new batteries from the drawer when you need them. Reliable batteries means fewer kid meltdowns when their favourite toy is out of juice! I also really, seriously love the Power Check feature. Boo has a habit of leaving batteries lying around when he removes them from something, and I never know when I find a battery on the table if it's still good or not. With Power Check I simply apply a little pressure on either end of the guage with my fingers and I know right away how much power it left. I can avoid throwing out good batteries or putting bad batteries back into something.

Of course, Momma has her toys as well. Star Lily (because every girl needs a flying unicorn) came outside to bring a little unicorn magic to our gnome in his garden. When friends with daughters come to play, I bring Star Lily out for them. I love the conversations they have and stories they create with her.

A Giveaway

Duracell Quantum and Hasbro come together in a fantastic partnership to provide long-lasting, interactive fun for young and old alike. And they'd like you to join in! Enter for your chance to win a Star Wars: The Force Awakens RC BB-8 of your own! This toy is a super fun robot who rolls in any direction (just like in the movie!) and has a wide range of droid noises with which he'll communicate on your adventures. Relive movie memories and make some new ones too!

Entries are via the widget below and will be accepted until 11:59pm EDT, August 4. Giveaway is open to Canadian residents only, excluding Quebec. Best of luck!

Disclosure: This post and giveaway are brought to you by Duracell and Hasbro. All opinions on this blog, as always, remain my own or those of my family.


  1. id would be princess laya id #powerimagination to be her

  2. i would be Wonder Woman


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