Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Our Fundraising Is Kicking Into High Gear #WalkforSickKids

We are one month out from the Canaccord Genuity Great Camp Adventure Walk for SickKids, and Boo and I are getting focused on fundraising. As part of our commitment to the Walk, I need to raise a minimum of $400, and he needs to raise a minimum of $100. I know we can do it, and I'm looking forward to a few of the ideas we've drummed up, to implement over the next 4 weeks.

Boo will be actively involved in the fundraising. We've tried to instill in him an understanding of the importance of charitable giving and giving back to your community over the years. Starting very young we engaged him in the process of sorting his old toys and clothes to choose items for donation. We have made sure he understands that not everyone is as privileged with comfort and good health as he is, and that we are all in this life thing together and need to support each other. We hope these lessons will grow with him into his adult years!

For the walk, he is planning to hold a garage sale where he will offer up some previously loved toys, as well as a lemonade stand. Bonus for me - this means we get to do a good clear-out of his bedroom! This is a fairly simple idea that can raise a good bit of money. We'll place an ad in the local, free paper, put up some signs, and try to drum up as much attention as we can. I think we'll wait until the first Saturday after school begins so we can spread the word among his friends there as well.

Then Boo came up with another idea. We attended an event this past weekend that showcased a number of young artists selling their creations. He is now inspired to start making bracelets and crafts that he can sell as well. I just need to remind him and encourage him to get moving so he'll have a good selection ready for garage sale day! Even something as simple as a Rainbow Loom bracelet will attract attention and can add up in sales.

For me, I've started a bottle drive. Basically, I'm asking friends and family to collect their empty beer, wine and liquor bottles over the next few weeks, and I'll come pick them up to return for the deposits. Such a simple thing, but if enough people take part, it should make a good dent in our fundraising. I'm also encouraging friends and family who aren't close by to consider participating by returning their own bottles and then making a donation in the amount they get back. We'll see how it goes, but I'm really banking on Labour Day weekend celebrations to pay off well :)

A bottle drive is a great way to top up your fundraising!

Of course, I am sharing our fundraising pages on social media, and have a donation button up there in the sidebar of the blog (just saying ...). And I'm sending emails directly to friends and family as well. I find the emails are more effective than the social shares. I can put the call out on my Facebook page, but unless someone acts as soon as they see the status update, they will have to work to find the link again and quite possibly will forget. The email in their inbox is more reliable as a reminder and easy access to the fundraising page. It also feels more personal, which can be a great encouragement.

Would you like to join us on the walk? There is still time to get involved, so don't hesitate! Register online at, and be sure to check out these fundraising ideas to get you started towards your goals. It may feel daunting when you see the fundraising minimums, but you'd be surprised how it comes together!

Disclosure: I will receive financial compensation for my work as an ambassador for the Walk for SickKids. However, all opinions on this blog, as always, remain my own. We are long-time SickKids supporters, and I am delighted to work with them on this event!

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