Monday, August 29, 2016

Get Back to School with Giant Tiger #GTBack2School #foryouforless

How's your back to school shopping going? I haven't done much, and likely won't until after he starts next week. I like to know for sure what he needs before I go out. We are lucky that his backpack is in great shape still, and he still has plenty of lunch stuff. The school still supplies a lot of the consumables he would need, and we have tons of pencils and markers and such.

But clothes are a bit of an issue. After a summer of shorts and short-sleeved tees, it is time to find out just how much Boo has grown and just how much of his ankles and wrists remain uncovered by his fall wardrobe. This kid is tall and skinny to begin with, so it's generally a struggle to find pants long enough for him, and always has been. Summer is a blessing when you kid has such long legs and such a skinny waist!

Over the years I've sourced out certain stores/brands that work for him, and others I've learned just don't. Somewhere I've never shopped? Giant Tiger. Turns out - their pants fit!! GT sent me a box of back to school goodies, including a mix of clothes, supplies, and lunch box items. And I'm realising that this is another great one-stop shop where I can get bunches crossed off my list in no time.

For the record? The Giant Value jelly beans are awesome - fantastic and varied flavours. A few of those in the lunch box will make a great treat when he goes back. And I think the pencils are fun, with the coloured wood.

These are the camo sweatpants they sent for him. Size 10, which is what he should be wearing, and they actually touch his feet and even bunch a little. They are bigger in the waist, but they cinch in with that tie. Soft and cozy, great, trendy look, and they fit. We didn't get jeans, but on a recent shopping trip I noted that the GT jeans are designed with an adjustable waist, which I appreciate. So much easier than adding a belt.

Giant Tiger has added three new lines of kids' clothes. Boys & Girls sizes 2-6x have the durable and affordable Monkey Bars; Girls sizes 7-14 can check out the "creative, cool and confident" Bella & Birdie. And for Boo and the other boys in the 8-16 range, they have Survival Gear. The tagline is "Fun, Fearless, For Adventure." I would characterise it as skater-style influenced. It's urban and fun, with camo splashes. Perfect for Boo's tastes. And with $4 tees, $12 long sleeves, and $18 jeans? Perfect for mom's wallet too.

This new top has a lot going on. Love the "No Limitations." This will look great under his jean jacket.

Of course, a good day at school starts with a good night's sleep, and Giant Tiger has fun night wear as well. What do you think of this onesie?

He was skeptical when I pulled it out for him to try on, but then he was hooked. It is super soft and cozy, and I'm a little jealous. Again, the length works great for him. He actually changed into this after getting a shower the next day and lounged in it for hours. He kept commenting on how comfy it was. That night he slept like a log in it.

Happiness Guarantee

With the addition of these new, exclusive lines, Giant Tiger has also brought in a very special Happiness Guarantee. If for any reason you or your child change your mind on the clothes you buy them, if they outgrow or outlast the clothes, return the item along with the original receipt for a full refund. Giant Tiger stands behind the quality and value of their garments, which helps me feel confident buying there.

What about you? What do you (or did you) find the hardest about shopping for Back to School?

Disclosure: Giant Tiger provided a box of complimentary BTS goodies for us to try out. All opinions on this blog, as always, remain my own or those of my family.

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