Monday, August 22, 2016

Get Ready for Back to School with Staples #IPRBackToSchool #ThinkStaples

Back to School is coming up fast, and I am filled with mixed emotions. I mourn the end of summer and the return to making school lunches, but I am looking forward to getting back into a routine and having the house to myself during the days. My productivity definitely suffers in July and August! But maybe the best part about back to school is shopping for school supplies. I mean it! Even as a kid I would get so excited to pick out my new backpack, pens and pencils. I love me a good stationery store to this day.

And so does Boo! It's actually kind of remarkable how often he asks to take a trip to Staples so he can pick up refills for his mechanical pencil, or a small whiteboard for doodling, or new markers, or whatever. And it's just about as dangerous for him to visit as it is for me. We can never make it out of there without picking up some cool or pretty new pen or notepad to check out.

Staples is a big part of our back to school experience, so I'm sharing with you some of our favourite items and theirs. I had the chance to sample a number of new and fun products they are carrying at an event I attended earlier this month, and I've been happy to see the amazing BTS deals they are offering as well. Check out their weekly flyers to see for yourself!

Here are a few stand out items:

Poppin Collection
The Poppin collection consists of an assortment of staplers, letter trays, pen cups, soft grippie grass, pencil cases and accessory trays to help keep students organized throughout the school year while also being on trend. Poppin products come in a variety of colours such as aqua, pink, white and many more.

These pieces coordinate and fit together to create a gorgeous and organised desk. I love the aqua and pink together.

Emoticon magnets and Emoji pencils/erasers
We all love emoticons! These emoticon magnets and emoji pencils/erasers are fun and expressive. Use the magnets on your locker for a touch of personality, and the pencils/erasers let you express yourself in the classroom. Get a few different ones and use them to signal your mood to your classmates :) These are super fun little treats.

With strong magnets and 11 LED lights this is a great addition to your locker. I would have loved one of these when I was in high school, for a quick check before next class. It comes in different colours and has an auto-off feature in case you forget it. Want to use it on the go? The mirror has a built-in stand as well.

This is a super compact power bar, with 4 outlets and 2 USB ports. The USB ports allow you to charge your devices directly from the power bar. It takes up very little space and would be ideal to send with your college kid for their dorm room. Or, like me, use it in your own home office.

Mr. Sketch
On the low tech side, I couldn't not include Boo's favourite markers. He loves to draw with these, and the scents are great. So much nicer than the stinky markers I used at his age. Also - they don't bleed through paper.
New this year, Mr. Sketch is now also making Scented Gel Crayons. You can twist them up as you use them, and they come in a very convenient plastic carry case.

I'll include my favourite pens too. I love Papermate's InkJoy line. They come in a great range of colours, and I find they write very smoothly. These now come in a medium point gel pen option, with an ergonomic comfort grip. The gel ink dries fast for reduced smearing; the multiple colours add fun to your writing. Just be sure your child's teacher approves of non-blue ink for passing in any homework!

One piece of advice I give each year - don't go crazy on the school supplies until you find out what your child actually needs. Some schools send a list home at the end of the year with report cards, some mail them out during the summer, some wait until school starts. The items I've highlighted here are all a bit special and will add a fun touch to your child's return to school. Staples is also a fantastic option for the basics, but find out from your child's teacher what they really need before you start buying.

And remember, if you are doing your shopping online, Staples is connected to, (affiliate link) so be sure to begin there. Right now they are offering double cash back for back to school, up to 6% back on your purchases!

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