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Easy & Organic Rice and Grains for Your Busy Mealtimes #SeedsofChangeCA

I often think about the "lazy days of summer," but in reality I don't think I really have very many truly lazy days. During the school year there's school and work and lessons and early bed times. During the summer there's work and outings and camps and generally a lot of running around and being more active and social. Basically, my family is always busy. And as we all know, that can be a problem when it comes to getting healthy, home-cooked meals on the table. 

How many evenings do you find yourself resorting to pizza delivery or grabbing a prepared convenience food from the pantry or freezer? I prefer to keep things fresh and homemade, although sometimes I have to admit that's not going to happen. But I worry about extra fat and sodium, and question some of the ingredients I can't pronounce on many packaged foods. So I appreciate when I find a new product that provides the convenience I need with the healthy profile I desire.

Seeds of Change began as a small organic seed company in 1989 and has grown to produce a line of organic rice and grain blends. Their ingredients are ethically sourced and kept as simple as possible. New to our country, Seeds of Change is the only Certified Organic, ready-to-heat rice and grain brand available in Canada. It is available in 6 premium varieties, including Spanish, Caribbean, and Indian flavours, all of which are suitable for vegetarian diets. As well, Seeds of Change products contain no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives, and still have a shelf-life of 12 months. Good, right? Each package makes a great side dish for your next family meal, and can be heated in the microwave or on the stove top. Zero prep on your end, meaning a speedier delivery to your table, without sacrificing health benefits.

I took some chicken breasts out last night, with no idea how I wanted to prepare them. So I was pretty happy when my husband offered to grill them with a peanut sauce marinade. Yay for me not cooking! I did look after sides though, and to keep things easy, and the oven off, I grabbed a Seeds of Change Quinoa & Brown Rice packet. He had already started grilling at this point and worried about how long this would take. Ha! 90 seconds in the microwave, baby! No worries at all.

And here's our meal. Along with the Quinoa & Brown Rice & grilled chicken breasts, we just heated a can of corn (microwave as well), and tossed in a few cherry tomatoes from the planter on the deck. The tomatoes were calling to me during the grilling :) This was an easy, quick, and delicious dinner.

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What did we think of the Quinoa & Brown Rice? We both liked it, which is pretty huge as my guy won't normally eat these types of packaged convenience foods. I got him to taste this, grudgingly, and then I caught him putting a big spoonful on his plate. Win! What we really liked was the lack of that chemical/MSG/artificial taste that comes with many microwave sides. The flavour and consistency were both pleasing, and of course we appreciated the speedy preparation and healthy ingredients. I'm looking forward to trying the Spanish Style next.

Contest Time!

Would you like to meet celebrity Chef Jamie Kennedy? Would you like him to cook for you? Silly questions, I know! Seeds of Change has partnered with him to bring you this amazing contest - you can enter for your chance to win one of 5 trips for two to attend an exclusive dinner with Jamie, at his farm in Prince Edward County, ON. For real! He will be whipping up a delicious meal featuring local, seasonal produce along with Seeds of Change rice and grains. To enter you will need to enter the 12 digit UPC code from any participating Seeds of Change product at Contest runs through August 14. The dinner event will take place on September 15, 2016. You can find all the details, plus official rules & regulations at the contest site. There are instant secondary prizes as well - you could win one of 2000 available free product coupons.

Best of luck!

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Disclosure: This post is brought to you by SeedsofChangeCA via All opinions on this blog, as always, remain my own or those of my family.

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