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A Beautiful Way to Give Back - Pantene Beautiful Lengths #Donate2Create #BeautifulLengths {giveaway}

It goes without saying that cancer is a devastating disease, and we need to kick its butt. While the world works to find treatments and cures, we can also work to help provide comfort and support to those fighting cancer in their own bodies. One of the many, difficult side effects of cancer treatments is hair loss, and this can be a major added trauma. Think about your last bad haircut and how miserable you felt. You don't look like yourself, your don't feel good about yourself. Now imagine losing all your hair, while at the same time fighting a horrible disease and in all likelihood feeling physically ill. Sometimes the comfort of looking like yourself again, recognising that person in the mirror again, can make a huge difference in your state of mind.

The Pantene Beautiful Lengths #Donate2Create program is a national call to action asking people to give to the program to help create even more real-hair wigs for women who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment. The average real-hair wig costs approximately $2,000 - an expense many cancer patients do not anticipate. Donating to the #Donate2Create program allows Pantene Beautiful Lengths to create and distribute more real-hair wigs to women battling cancer, at no cost to them.

National Donate Your Hair Day is coming this weekend, on November 12, 2016. While you can donate your hair at any time of the year, this an opportunity to bring awareness and focus. If you're anything like me, a deadline or scheduled event is much more likely to prompt action than something that can happen at any time :) There's a special event happening here in Toronto at Bang Salon, 859 Danfoth Ave, between 9am-4pm. Appointments are limited, and I'm not sure if there are any left, but you can contact to find out!

Donate Your Hair

To be eligible for donation, your hair must be in good condition, no dyes, bleaches, or chemicals, and no more than 5% gray. Why? It takes many ponytails from many different people to make a wig, and those ponytails are all treated and dyed to the same shade for a realistic looking wig. Chemically treated, previously dyed, or grey hair takes colour differently than natural hair, so it just doesn't result in the right, natural look. And as to length, you will need to be able to make a ponytail at the nape of your neck that is at least 8 inches long. There is no maximum length. And you can work with your own hairdresser can get this happening for you.

Ponytails can be sent to:

Pantene Beautiful Lengths
2-1055 Middlegate Road
Mississauga, Ontario L4Y 9Z9

Donate Some Funds

If your hair does not meet the donation requirements, or if you chopping your long locks isn't for you, you can still help make a difference in a woman’s life by making her feel like herself again with a new wig. Monetary donations can be made online at Pantene Beautiful Lengths Fund or by mail at

Pantene Beautiful Lengths Fund
c/o Greater Cincinnati Foundation
200 W 4th Street,
Cincinnati, OH 45202-2775

100% of donations go directly to creating these wigs, which are provided free of charge to the women who need them.

To find out more ways and how you can help, please visit

A Giveaway

Pantene's Beautiful Lengths shampoo and conditioner strengthens hair against breakage and split ends to make it possible to achieve healthy, long hair that can be shared with a woman who needs it most through the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program. One RMB reader will receive the product set to try for themself. Maybe they'll choose to grow and donate?

Entries are via the widget below and will be accepted until 11:59pm ET, November 26. Giveaway is open to Canadian residents only. Best of luck!

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