Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tell Me I'm Not the Only One

There are a ton of changes that come with being a woman of a certain age. Fun things like hot flashes and grey hair in "interesting" places. Peeing just a little when you laugh. Not having any idea why you just walked into that room. It's a gas, really!

Last night, for instance, I wrote a "brilliant" blog post in my head, while I was doing something inane like washing the dishes. It had humour and interest and I am sure it had some genius tips for you all. Or something like that. Because, you see, all I remember is that I wrote something in my head. And, in spite of thinking to myself, "Self, you should really jot down some notes in a draft post," I didn't do that. So it's gone now. Completely. If I ever remember what I wanted to tell you, I promise I will. Though it likely wasn't anywhere as "brilliant" as I'd like to think it was. Whatever. Can't remember. Move on.

Totally related - on Sunday morning I had to run out for a couple errands. I hit up Dollarama, got everything I meant to (yay! for small miracles), then was on my way to M&M Food Market for their Oriental Party Pak (my fave!) And I decided I really needed another coffee. Thankfully I live in Scarborough, and so there were at least 3 Tim Horton's options along my route. Stopped at the first one, got my coffee, popped it in my cup holder to wait for it to cool down.

When I pulled up in front of the plaza with M&M? It was closed. Like, closed up, space for lease. Crap. Loving my smart phone, I went online and found the nearest option. Which was almost precisely the same distance from my house, but in the opposite direction. Sigh. Hit the road again, pass my house, keep on going.

And then I decided that I really needed another coffee. OK, there's a Timmie's on the next corner (seriously - Scarborough). But wait.  Wasn't I going to stop at Timmie's half an hour ago on my way to the first M&M's? Why didn't I do that??

I am serious. Absolutely serious. I had a beautiful, medium-black-2-sugar sitting next to me for over half an hour and completely and utterly forgot I had ever purchased it.  Dufus. It was a great temperature for drinking at least.

I told my mom that story and I think she may have peed herself a little, laughing at me.

Help me out here. You can relate, right?

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