Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Welcome the Christmas Season with this Playmobil Advent Calendar #HGG2016

It's beginning to look absolutely nothing like Christmas in my neck of the woods. Which is good, since I can certainly do without the snow. But the stores are bringing out the holiday decor, and we bloggers are launching our gift guides, all in a bid to help you find the best and the newest items for everyone on your list!

I thought it would be fitting to launch my gift guide with a pre-Christmas gift idea, one that you and your family can enjoy as you count down the days to the big event.

We've had Advent Calendars for Boo for many years now, and he loves the excitement of opening a new window or pouch each day to get a fun toy or treat. Our routine is to open that day's surprise over breakfast, which may not be the best idea, since he's already so difficult to get going in the morning. But it puts him in a good mood and it truly gets exciting as the windows left closed become fewer and fewer.

These days you can find so many options for Advent Calendars, and you're bound to find something themed to your kids' favourite movie, TV character, or past time. If you have a young hocky fan in your household, this one from Playmobil is definitely the way to go.

The Playmobil NHL Advent Calendar "Rivalry on the Pond" includes 24 days of surprises, one revealed each day leading up to Christmas. Once you've revealed them all, you have a hockey play set, with players, nets, pucks, spectators, and even a Santa referee. The calendar comes with a cardboard ice rink to set up your play area as well.

You press the button on the base of the blue & black player to have him shoot the puck.

Each day provides another piece of the play set.

Referee Santa - on skates & about to drop the puck. How cool is that?!

What I like about this Advent Calendar is it provides so much more than a piece of chocolate that will be devoured and then forgotten. Each day brings a new toy that can be played with over and over again. There's also a certain anticipation in this set, as you know each day is a small part of a bigger whole you are creating. I'll make a bet that the Santa referee is the last window you open. What do you think?

The Playmobil NHL Advent Calendar "Rivalry on the Pond" is recommended for ages 5 and up and is available at most retail stores and toy shops. It retails at a suggested price of $39.99.

Does your family hold a tradition of Advent calendars? What are some of your favourite ways to count down the days until Christmas?

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