Monday, November 07, 2016

Yummy Family Fun with Gay Lea & Hasbro #BornOnTheFarm

As my regular readers know, our family has been going through a terrible time with the loss of my husband. We've also been truly blessed with the huge outpouring of support from friends and family. It's been two months now, and we are settling into a new normal and making time to have fun and spend time with people we love.

This past weekend, my dear friend, Ana, drove in from Kingston with her son. We spent Saturday afternoon at the Toronto Zoo, as N had never been. He also got his first Beavertail, and Boo was so happy to show him around. When we got back to the house the boys played video games while the moms had a cocktail and I made dinner. Cooking for people always makes me happy, so it was a treat to have guests.

After dinner entertainment was games night. We started out playing Hasbro's Pie Face Showdown, which actually allowed us to double game play with dessert :)

Here's an official video (not us!) so you can check out the game action. These guys are having so much fun!

The game comes with a sponge you can wet, instead of using whipped cream, and I suppose that would be ok in a pinch. But seriously, why would you pass up an opportunity to chow down on handfuls of whipped cream?? This game is the perfect excuse, so we grabbed a tin of Gay Lea Real Whipped Cream from the fridge and slathered it on.

These are our "what have we gotten ourselves into?" faces.
The rules of the game are very straightforward - either wet the sponge and lay it on the hand, or cover the hand with whipped cream. Each player rests their chin on the shelf behind the face cut-out, and on the count of three they start hitting their red button as fast as they can. Those taps cause the hand to move back and forth and when one of you manages to get it all the way over in front of the other player, they get creamed.

Ana and I played a few rounds, and we each had our share of cream pie in the face, but I thought you'd like to see me getting hit ;) In this game, losing is just delicious!

When the boys got involved, it got a bit crazy. They used their video game skills to "spam" the buttons, as Boo calls it, and they laughed their butts off. Things quickly got very messy.  

Note the whipped cream all over the table. Ha!
After a few rounds with the standard rules, the boys came up with a new game. They decided to bring in a trivia component - Ana or I would ask a question, and whichever boy answered first got to press their button. So the mommas dutifully went online and started downloading kids' trivia games, and the boys had a blast trying to beat each other to the correct answer. Of course they also thoroughly enjoyed licking the Gay Lea Real Whipped Cream off their faces  and hands.

Honestly, this was such a fun night. Once we emptied the can of whipped cream, we moved on to a game of classic Monopoly, and eventually convinced the boys to go to bed. They had a sleepover in my bed, and the moms each got a bed to themselves. Such a great sleep! We ended our weekend with a slow morning of music, chatting, and coffee, followed by brunch before they had to hit the road. The clocks falling back was a bonus, as we got an extra hour together!

We played with the regular, but you could opt for coconut instead.
Have you played Pie Face or Pie Face Showdown? Did you use whipped cream? I hope so! I like using Gay Lea's Real Whipped Cream because it's actually real cream, and not an edible oil product. The fact that's it's also certified Halal and Kosher, as well as being nut-free, makes it a good option for mixed crowds if you're entertaining, like we were.

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