Friday, February 10, 2017

"Fixing" My Kitchen Reno #DIY

We made many mistakes when we got into our kitchen renovation in 2015. Many. And a few of those still haunt me today. But, the one I want to focus on is the lack of foresight and planning for our pantry.

Oh, how I lusted after a pantry. Any extra cupboard space, really. But a floor to ceiling pantry was second only to pot drawers on my list of "must-haves." The designer dutifully drew my pantry in, right next to my fridge. And I was excited! He even included the dimensions for us. So much room! Glorious.

Our mistake was - we didn't look closely at those dimensions. We knew it would mean tons of storage, but we didn't adequately envision to what those dimensions would translate in real life.

Really freaking deep shelves.

See how far away this can is?? Who can reach that behind a whole slew of other cans?
If we had fully grasped this (or, perhaps, if we'd had a better contractor) we would have requested gliding shelves. But we didn't. So I have spent the last year and a half blindly moving cans and bottles and boxes around, tossing armfuls on the counter, trying to find that one can of whatever that I just KNOW I bought last week.

You can't find anything at the back of a 23 inch deep cupboard. Trust me on this one.

I finally got fed up. I debated having someone come to install proper gliding shelves. But instead I decided to do a quicker fix and ordered two pull-out cabinet organisers (affiliate link) from Simple Human. I figured I'd start with two and then get more if I was happy with them. To make a long story short - I am!

These heavy-guage metal baskets have a removable liner to keep your cabinets clean.  They glide effortlessly. And they were super easy to install.  Honestly - four screws. That's it. I removed the liner, placed the basket, and used my cordless drill to quickly sink the screws. No pre-drilling required.

Be sure to account for the door and hinges when you are installing one of these sliding baskets.
You want to be sure it will slide all the way out!
And see how easily they move -

Of course in the process of emptying my pantry so I could install these, I found an embarrassingly large amount of forgotten and expired food. Also, many duplicates of items I clearly kept losing toward the back of the shelves. I had FIVE cans of Heinz Original Beans with Pork in Tomato Sauce. And not one, but THREE opened boxes of Ritz crackers (all stale). I may have cried a little at all the food I threw out. But now? Now I have a newly purged and organised pantry, with at least two shelves I can pull out to access the things at the back.

It's all so tidy!!
So, my tip to you for your next kitchen reno is this - be careful what you wish for, and be sure to fully understand the plans for your new kitchen. If your cabinets will be especially deep, consider access to the far reaches. This is something we should have dealt with in the planning, and not as a later, needed fix. And, if you have deep cabinets now, know that there are solutions out there.

Oh! One last note. Since I installed these on adjustable shelves, we have to be careful when pulling them out. Pull too far without supporting the shelf, and the while thing will topple! (For the record, I didn't have to learn that the hard way.)

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  1. Those shelves are a great idea! I'm designing my kitchen reno now, and drawers, or pull out shelves are definitely the way to go! Victoria Ess


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