Friday, September 01, 2017

Back to School Healthy with Halls Kids Pops

Each year as we hit back to school season I feel like starting some kind of parents' pool, one where we place bets on the date the first kid falls sick. It's inevitable, really, especially for the little kids. Stick a bunch of youngsters in a closed room all day with often poor air circulation.  Encourage sharing and group work. Bring them even closer together for "carpet time."

School is a germ paradise. And while I am actually in favour of exposing our kids (and ourselves) to a certain quantity and quality of germs, to help build our natural immune systems, it's no fun being sick. And it's so hard as a parent to watch our little ones suffer through fevers, coughs, sore throats, or itchy rashes. We want to give them comfort and make them well again, but sometimes it's tough to get their cooperation. How many times have you had to fight with your kid to get them to swallow a pill or take the icky tasting medicine? "But it will make you feel better!" is rarely an effective plea.

Thankfully there are some options out there, such as liquid medicines coming in a variety or flavours (hopefully your child will accept one of them). And now, for coughs and sore throats, Halls has come out with a line of Kids Pops, created with both kid-friendly flavours and delivery system in mind.

These are medicinal lozenges, for kids aged 4 and up, presented in a lollipop format. They are available in two varieties and three fruit flavours. Cherry & Strawberry flavours contain 5mg of menthol for temporary relief of cough, nasal congestion & sore throats. The second variety is an orange flavoured Vitamin C pop, with 60 mg of Vitamin C each, an essential vitamin for kids and adults, and a common component of every cough and cold prevention strategy.

Boo and I both tried these out for flavour, and we both approve. The Vitamin C Kids Pops are especially delicious, but even the two menthol varieties don't taste medicinal like most sore throat lozenges. These aren't a heavy-duty medicine, but Halls recommends a maximum of 5 lozenges per day. As with all medicines and vitamins, you need to keep these out of the reach of young children.

The fruity flavours are great for kids, and will encourage them to accept the treatment when needed, helping them to feel better faster. But I think the delivery method is the real game changer. What kid doesn't love a lollipop? And, if you are concerned with giving a hard lozenge to your 5 or 6 year old, this does present a less choking-inclined option.

Halls Kids Cough & Sore Throat Pops and Vitamin C Pops are available now in pouches of 10.

Disclosure: I received complimentary product for the purposes of this review. No financial compensation was received. All opinions on this blog remain my own, or those of my family.

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