Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Easy DIY Hallowe'en Wreath

I have a new decoration on my front door. I decided to make myself a Hallowe'en wreath. This is a super easy DIY that didn't even require a glue gun! I grabbed a bunch of things at Michael's on the weekend (they put Hallowe'en on sale 60% off a few days before the event, so my supplies were super cheap.)

Being me, being in Michael's, with a sale, I bought a ton of things, without a solid plan. I knew I wouldn't use everything in this project, but I will use it all eventually. The key piece was a floral foam ring, to form the base of the wreath. Since this was regular price, I used my 40% off coupon for it. (For those not in the know, Michael's provides weekly coupons, in their flyer and in their app. The coupons do change, but you pretty much always can get at least 40% off a single, regular priced item. I watch excitedly for the 55% off opportunities.)

First step - hide the green. I used a sparkly, black and silver feather boa, just wrapping it around and around the foam base.

Rather than trying to glue it on, I secured the boa at each end with a straight pin. That's a bonus of  using floral foam.

The boa only covered half of the wreath, so I found black and orange ribbons in my craft bins to cover the bottom. I simply wrapped those around and secured at both ends with straight pins again. Suddenly, the green foam ring has been replaced with a dark & exotic wreath. To decorate, I randomly glued on some plastic spiders, with cheap school glue. The pumpkin is a pick, so I could just stick it into the foam. Picks are a really convenient option for wreaths because of this. And the skull came on a little hanging ribbon, so I attached the with yet another straight pin. Loop a ribbon around the top for hanging, and voila!

Other than the time I took looking for ribbon in my stash, this project took maybe 20 minutes, and I am really pleased with the results. What do you think??

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