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This Holiday Season, Don't Let Bladder Leakage Stop Your Fun #IncontinenceAwareness #Ad

The holiday season is upon us, and the party invitations are starting to roll in. Brunches, afternoon coffee dates, family dinners, cocktail parties, New Year's Eve - the list goes on. These invitations present wonderful opportunities to reconnect with those we care about, and maybe to meet some new friends as well. And they all involve drinks and food, and extended time out in the world. For some folks that can be a bit intimidating, particularly for those experiencing bladder leakage.

How widespread is this issue? Well, approximately 3.5 million Canadians experience some form of bladder leakage. That's almost 10% of the population! And yet, there is still a lot of embarrassment and silence on the topic. We've been brought up to understand that discussing our bodily functions isn't appropriate in "polite society," which likely explains a great deal of the hesitation. However, I believe that it's time to change that - maybe not at the cocktail party, but certainly among close friends and family. If 10% of Canadians experience bladder leakage, you can bet we all know at least 1 or 2 people in that club! And if we talk about it, we can find ways to help each other.

By the way, I say "we" quite literally, as I experience Light Bladder Leakage (LBL) on a regular basis. A combination of having carried a baby, my age, and generally not being as fit as I could be have all contributed to that. I don't need to use a bladder leakage product every day, but if I will be particularly active, or if I have a bad cold (coughing and sneezing are the worst!), I will reach for some protection. There are different types of bladder leakage, and the causes are varied as well. Changes in our bodies, such as enlargement of the prostate in men, and weakening of the pelvic floor in women, can lead to leakage, as can the side effects of certain medications. Even some foods can irritate the bladder and exacerbate leakage.

So, what can you do if you experience bladder leakage? The most important thing is to not let your bladder leakage run your life. There are plenty of products on the market, designed to address specific concerns, so the first step is to educate yourself and find what will work best for you. With proper management, you can still live your best life and get out there, be active, and have fun, without fear of a leaking incident giving you away.

Which Product is Right for You?

It’s perhaps surprising how many people who experience bladder leakage either mismanage or do not address their symptoms at all. In fact, over 80% of men with leakage don’t use any products, and 79% of women with leakage either don’t use any products, or use menstrual products, which don’t offer the same protection against leakage and odour as specially designed bladder leakage protection products do. The implications of using the wrong product or not using any product at all are broad-reaching and can include interrupted sleep, missing out on special occasions for fear of an accident, or losing intimacy in a relationship due to a loss in confidence. When the condition is so easily managed with readily available and truly effective products, I really don't think it's okay to let your bladder take control over your happiness like that. Here are a few options to consider.

For more frequent and heavier leakage:
  • Depend® Silhouette® Briefs for Women can help manage bladder leakage as the undergarment comfortably delivers maximum protection with a super absorbent core that turns liquid into gel and traps in odours while offering seamless discretion 
  • Depend® Real-Fit® Briefs for Men looks, feels and fits like real underwear with a form-fitting waistband for a secure fit and maximum absorbency assuring you comfort and odour-free protection throughout your day.
For lighter leakage:
  • Poise® Thin Shape® Pads for Women gives you the security you need and comfort you want each day. The pads are quick to lock in wetness and odour, have leak-block sides and thin-flex technology. The Super Absorbent Material leaves you feeling 3X drier than similar sized period pads, providing you the comfort and protection you deserve.
  • Depend® Guards for Men fit comfortably inside your underwear and move seamlessly with your body to deliver less bulk with a super-absorbent core that quickly wicks away wetness and locks in odour to give you the security you need.
Nighttime protection:
  • Depend® Night Defense® for Women a lightweight, heavy-protection underwear with more coverage area that is designed specifically for nighttime use. The snug, comfortable fit and super-absorbent core protects against leaks and odours so you can sleep soundly throughout the night and in any position. 
  • Poise® Overnight Pads for women who experience light bladder leakage. Its unique shape is designed with a 75% wider back, providing more coverage to help protect from leaks while lying down. 

Of course, management also involves prevention, such as avoiding foods and beverages you know to be triggers for you, as well as working on your Kegel exercises for women. Kegels are easy to do anywhere and any time, and they strengthen the muscles that help control urination. They also increase blood flow to sexual organs and enhance sexual pleasure, so there's a bonus for you.

How to do Kegel exercises:
1. Locate your pelvic floor muscles by trying to stop your urine flow.
2. Squeeze and hold those muscles for three seconds, relax for another three seconds and repeat 10 times.
3. Do 3-4 sets of 10 squeezes per day, and you may begin to feel significant improvement controlling your bladder in just a few weeks.

So, promise me you won't let concerns over bladder leakage stop you from going out and having fun this holiday season, okay? There is no reason you need to put your life on hold. To learn more about  how to live your best life despite bladder leaks, check out these articles at Everything Zoomer.

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