Monday, November 20, 2017

#HGG2017: Ready to Race Lightning McQueen {review}

With the release of Disney/Pixar's "Cars 3" this year, the franchise has been renewed and has drawn in a whole new generation of young fans. Toys featuring Lightning McQueen and his friends are HOT once again this year. For the younger fans, VTech has introduced Lightning McQueen Ready to Race, a kid-friendly racing video game with added educational value.
Ready to Race Lightning McQueen provides three different modes of play, and a selection of five characters from which to choose. Each character brings a different race or activity in each mode, for a total of 15 experiences. Race Time Mode is a racing video game perfect for the pre-school crowd, with five tracks from which to choose.

The yellow "pedal" is the accelerator, and you steer with the wheel, while you watch the action on the unit's LCD screen. Hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills come into play here.

In Pit Stop Mode, your child will choose one of five educational games that will help develop problem solving, counting, letter recognition, and patterning. For example, in Miss Fritter's Plates, you have to help Miss Fritter get all her license plates back on after McQueen knocks them off. To do this, a word is shown on the screen with the first letter missing. Your child will select the correct letter from three options provided, by turning the steering wheel and pushing the red button in the centre. I liked the Simulator Decoder, where you have to select the object to complete an incomplete pattern.

Finally, in Racers Mode, your child will complete puzzles and meet and learn about the different racers. Each puzzle is solved by finding the correct image to complete a picture of the character in various poses.

In addition to all this, the set comes with four accessories for Lightning that provide extra speed, protection, light, or traction in the races. And the control panel adds racing sounds, Lightning quotes, and can increase your racing speed.

Aside from the accessories, this toy is an all in one, sturdy piece, and very lightweight. It comes with 2 AA demo batteries installed, but be sure to have fresh on hand because these aren't meant to last long. There are two volume levels, and an auto-off function to save battery life. VTech's Lightning McQueen Ready to Race is a great gift for the young Cars fan in your life. They will have tons of fun racing as their hero, and they'll be learning at the same time.

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Ready to Race Lightning McQueen is available at Toys“R”Us, Amazon, Jean Coutu, and Hart, with an MSRP of $44.99. It's recommended for ages 3-6.

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