Saturday, December 09, 2017

#HGG2017: Gifts for Mom

This post is otherwise known as "a few of my favourite things" that I've gotten to review or experience this year. Any of these would be lovely and much appreciated under my tree.

The Gift of Good Sleep
I am actually famous for answering "What do you want for Christmas/your birthday?" with "Peace & quiet and a good night's sleep." My family rolls their eyes and moves on. But really, who wouldn't love to receive that?! One gift that will really help with that is a good quality pillow. I recommend the Floating Comfort Pillow, by MediSleep.

This pillow is comprised of proprietary waterbase, under a pillow portion made with soft CombedLoft™ Dacron® polyester fibre. And it's all contained within a 300 thread count cover. You can adjust the firmness of the pillow by adding more or less water to the bladder. I love that the water gives such great and consistent support, moving with you as you turn and shift during the night. This pillow cannot go flat. 

The Floating Comfort Pillow is available for purchase online at One pillow is $52.99, or two for $92.99 (prices in Canadian dollars).

Another addition to my sleep strategy this year has been my essential oils diffuser. I now keep my Julia Diffuser from EcoBrandsNow on my nightstand, and diffuse lavender essential oil at bedtime. It was living in my office, but I have found the lavender really helps me to relax and fall asleep after a stressful day.

Of course, a diffuser can be used anywhere in the home or office, to bring the benefits of essential oils and lovely scents where you need or want them most. I've actually picked up a second diffuser for my mom to give me for Christmas this year, so I can have one back in my office again :)

There are many varieties of diffusers on the market, in a range of styles and colours. You can purchase one online from, try, or have a peek in your local retailers.

A Little Bit of Pampering
Every mom deserves a bit of pampering. My boys know a sure way to my heart is a lovely new soap or hand cream or bubble bath.

Val Coyote Organics is a Canadian small business, based in Halibutron, ON, producing a range of organic, preservative-free hand and body creams, body butters, facial care products, bug spray, and more. I received her "Kick Ass Hemp Cream: For Working Man's Hands" to try out. It is created with natural oils, shea butter, and a scent of sandalwood, feels great and is very soothing on my rough gardener's hands. Try one of their body butters, for a sumptuous, highly moisturising treat for mom. Available in 3 formulations, $25 for 250ml.

For many years, my husband would have a spa gift certificate under the tree for me. Love it! Whether it's a massage, facial, or body treatment, a couple of hours, or even a full day, at the spa does wonders for Mom's mood and mental health. It's a great way to relieve some stress and come back feeling rejuvenated and special. You can go straight to Mom's favourite spa, or visit to check out their wide selection of spa certificate options across the country. If Mom is in the Whitby, ON, area, I can highly recommend Lavish Salon and Spa, where I had a fantastic experience earlier this fall. Certificates for Lavish are available through

Think of Mom's Hobbies
I encountered DigIt Apparel at a conference this past fall, and, as an avid gardener, I am really impressed with their gloves. If your mom (or any woman on your list) enjoys gardening, she will truly appreciate a pair of these.

Dig It Apparel is a Canadian small business, based in Toronto. Their gloves are specifically designed for a woman's hands and made with breathable, water resistant, recycled materials. They feature an adjustable wrist strap, non-slip silicone dots on the palm and fingers, and come in 2 styles, 4 colours, and 3 sizes. Perhaps the most innovative feature is the pillow-top nail protectors in each finger. These are designed to protect your manicure and keep your nails in great shape, even while digging and poking around in the soil.

The gloves come in a regular length at $22.97, and a long cuff at $24.97. The long cuff provides extra protection for the forearms when working with roses, in shrubs, berry bushes, pruning trees, etc. And in both versions, the adjustable wrist strap keeps soil, twigs, etc., from dropping down into your gloves, keeping your hands cleaner and less roughed up.

These gloves can be purchased online at, at many independent garden stores, and Lowe's stores across the country.

Disclosure: I received complimentary review product. No financial compensation was received. All opinions on this blog, as always, remain my own or those of my family.

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