Tuesday, December 12, 2017

#HGG2017: Mayka Toy Block Tape {review}

For the lover of LEGO and other building brick systems, let me introduce you to Mayka Toy Block Tape, from Zuru Toys.

What is it? Mayka Tape is a non-toxic, flexible, silicon tape with raised dots designed to be compatible with major building brick brands, including LEGO and Kreo. It has a strong adhesive on the underside, allowing it to be attached to a variety of surfaces. Glass and plastic, non-porous, non-painted surfaces are best, but I have attached some to painted shelves here, with no ill effects (i.e., the paint stayed on the shelf, not on the tape, when I did a test removal after a couple of weeks.) Mayka tape can be removed and re-used multiple times, but eventually the adhesive will lose its stick if moved around a lot.

The tape comes in a variety of colours, in either 2 or 4 stud widths. The 2 stud width can be purchased in lengths of 2 metres or 4 metres, and the 4 stud comes in a 4 metre size. To use, simply cut the length you need, remove the protective backing and stick.  Across a shelf, around a window, upside-down under your desk - wherever! Mayka tape is an easy and flexible base for any building brick project.

I used a strip on the shelves in my office. Now I can display my Dr. Who LEGO mini-figures without them constantly tipping over.

I love that Mayka tape encourages creativity, allowing kids to build upside down or up a vertical surface. I'm thinking of placing a number of strips on the wall, next to each other in a square and creating a LEGO "painting." Or, one little boy on Mayka's Instagram feed has displayed his mini-figures flat on his bedroom wall with this tape (the backs of their legs attach as well as the bottom of their feet.) How would your child decorate their room using Mayka Tape and building bricks? The possibilities are endless! If you are worried about the tape removing paint from the wall (my experience may not be the norm) you could even hang an empty frame or a mirror for them to work on.

Mayka Block Tape is available at ToysRUs, Walmart, and Amazon.ca, starting at around $8 a roll.

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